Adirondack Lakewood Design - Custom Furniture, Mantles, Boards, Wood Blanks and more
     Adirondack Lakewood Design is a company based on the recovery of logs that have been submerged in lakes and rivers throughout the Adirondacks for hundreds of years. These logs come from old growth forest which is woodland having a mature ecosystem uninfluenced by human activity. In the early 1800's, logs were cut and floated down the waters of the Adirondack region for transfer to lumber mills. Some of the logs were less buoyant than others, therfore they would sink and settle on the bottom of the lake where they have rested for almost 200 years. Adirondack Lakewood Design recovers these logs and creates custom made furniture for homes, businesses, gifts, and more!
      Adirondack Lakewood Design is focused on providing high-quality customer service and  satisfaction. Every item ordered is custom-made to your desire, as we aim to make your vision a reality. 
Family owned
The above photo illustrates the "mark" or "stamp" placed on harvested timber in the early 1800's. Despite being submerged in water for hundreds of years some logs still reveal these original marks.
The logs that Adirondack Lakewood Design retrieves are tight grained and vary in color.
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